Newbie to blogging….

Hi customers and future customers, Trent here.  So this is my first attempt at blogging.  I will try to make my posts interesting, useful and funny, but I cannot guarantee they will all have all three qualities at the same time.  All we can do is hope.

I also hope that someone will actually read this stuff, because typing is not what I do for fun.  I’d rather be pumping a septic tank or jetting a drainfield.  I know that “playing in the poo” doesn’t seem like much fun either but at least I’d be outside.

I can see how professional writers get “writers block” sometimes, because I’m getting it right now.  It’s hard not to just write a bunch of crap (pun intended), but something that might be a little witty and yet informative.  However I’m at a loss for something good to say.  This isn’t a good start.

If you guessed that I wrote the last paragraph just so I could use the crap pun, you would be right.  If you guessed that I wrote this paragraph just for more content, you would be right also.

I’ll stop now and spare you any more bad puns or wasted space and leave you with the promise that the next entry will be informative and septic related.


Thanks for (hopefully) reading,




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