Water, water everywhere and boy does it stink.

As promised, this post is septic related.

You may have noticed that we’ve had a little bit of Oregon liquid sunshine (AKA rain) lately.  You may also have noticed that “sunshine” standing on the ground in great big puddles.  When those puddles are on top of your drainfield, your toilets may take a day off due to the “sun”.

What happens when we have rainstorms like we recently had, the rainwater fills the ground to the point where it will not hold any more.  Obviously any more water will create a puddle.  When that happens over your drainfield, it means that you cannot put any more waste water in the ground either.

In some cases the water you try to put down the drain may come back to visit you in your bathtub, shower or floor drain.  Nasty!  It may decide to make the puddle in your yard bigger.  Also nasty!  In either case it is a hazardous situation.

Unfortunately if we pump the tank, all of that “sunshine” that is on top of the ground and in your drainfield will all make its way back into the septic tank, filling it up again sometimes as fast as we can pump it out.  Sometimes faster.  Depending on the system, we might be able to plug off a pipe and stop the water from coming back.  This will allow you to use the system sparingly until the waters recede.

A curtain drain or tile dewatering system may curtail future issues with Oregonliquid sunshine causing your toilets to take a day off.  A certified, licensed septic installer will be able to tell you what your options are.  To find one go to the Oregon Onsite Wastewater Associations website at www.o2wa.org and use the “Find a Professional” feature on the right side of the page.  If you would rather, you can call us at  (503) 829-7448 for our recommendation.

If you are having an issue with your system, give us a call.  We can help determine whether your septic system is taking a “sun” break or it’s just full of poo.

Call Clinkscales Portable Toilets and Septic Service at 503-829-7448 or check out our web site at www.ClinkscalesSeptic.com .  Remember, be good to your septic system and it will be good to you!


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