Friends don’t let friends use their bathrooms.

Spring is here and it’s time to plan your graduation parties, BBQ’s, out door weddings, picnics, family reunions, etc. Of course that means extra people in your house using the bathrooms. Sharing your bathroom with a dozen extra people can be an unpleasant experience. Particularly your husband’s friends after they’ve had a few beers. Or your neighbor’s wife Tina, you know how much toilet paper she uses!

Portable toilets, or as we call our special event units, Party Pottys, are a fantastic way to keep your house clean and free of cousin Suzy’s twin boys running through with BBQ sauce all over their hands and faces. They have to touch every thing too! Why can’t she just wash them up after lunch?

Did you know that we have portable sinks too? Oh yes we do! Now there is no reason Suzy can’t wash Billy and Bobby’s hands before they wipe them on your favorite table cloth or pair of pants. There is a place for each boy to wash at the same time. Soap and paper towels are supplied and their use is encouraged! The fresh water and the waste water are contained inside the sink. Too bad for Billy and Bobby, they won’t be able to make mud pies, and then come climb on your lap.

We have a variety of Party Pottys available for you to choose from depending on your guest list.

For your husband’s beer drinking friends, our Standard unit will usually work just fine. They are like the Party Pottys you would see at the Molalla Buckeroo, a basic portable toilet with a hand sanitizer. They are not very good for passing out in, although it has been done. Yuck.

If you are having the neighbors over for a potluck, our Party Standard is a nice upgrade without spending too much money. The Party Standard is similar to the Standard, but we’ve added a shelf, sanitary seat covers and a small mirror. Now you don’t have to worry about Tina plugging up your toilet!

If your son our daughter is getting married at your house and you’ve spent just about a million dollars on landscaping, building a gazebo and new blacktop for the driveway, you want the best for little Johnny or Jill. You will want to rent the ultimate Party Potty. The Flush Deluxe! Yes I said flush. That is the beauty of this Party Potty. It has a flushing tank, so when you lift the toilet seat you don’t see into the tank! Another great feature of the Flush Deluxe is the sink. Yes it has a flush tank and a sink! The urinal has been removed so the sink will fit comfortably. Of course soap and paper towels are included and it does have a shelf, sanitary seat covers and a small mirror like the Party Standard. I don’t think GM would like one of their brand names on a portable toilet, but if they did, this one would be a Cadillac!

Of course if you have guests that are elderly or handicapped you will need one of our spacious, ADA approved portable toilets. Unfortunately due to ADA regulations we cannot put flush tanks or sinks inside of them. They do have hand sanitizers and we can add sanitary seat covers upon request. They also have hand rails and a flat floor, there is no ramp going into the ADA Party Potty. Another use for the ADA units is for little Jill’s wedding dress. Well I’m sure Jill will be in the dress too. The idea is that big, poofy wedding dresses don’t fit in standard sized Party Pottys very well, so a large unit like the ADA is perfectly suited for them! If things get out of hand at the wedding, the ADA units are better for passing out in. It is still disgusting though.

All of the Party Pottys are pressure washed with hot water between each rental so you can be sure they are nice and clean. They are not used at construction sites, at least not until they are not nice enough to be a Party Potty. Getting old is a bugger even for portable toilets. You can mix and match Party Pottys to get the right combination for your crowd and there is a multiple unit discount!

Now is the time to order for your event as some weekends sell out. You don’t want to be without a Party Potty when Billy and Bobby are running around with BBQ sauce all over them!

Call us at 503-829-7448 to book yours today!


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